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Teams require diversity. A basketball team needs a ball handler, shooters and rebounders. Churches need teachers, administrators, mercy-givers and givers. The Fellowship of IFCA International is an expansion of the Body of Christ beyond one church to a collection of diverse, yet like-minded churches.

California Church Extension provides a wonderful opportunity for several churches to contribute to the planting of a church. A smaller church may not have the resources to launch a church by itself, but by teaming up with one, two or three other churches, the collective group can share resources to see a church planted in a new area.

The Apostle Paul was shaped by cooperative ministries of the churches at Jerusalem (Acts 9:28), Tarsus (Acts 9:30), and Antioch (Acts 11:25-26). A team of churches can input into a possible church planter by giving him a diverse experience in churches with unique strengths and pastors with unique experiences.

California Church Extension, is well equipped and ready to help YOUR church be involved in the Great Commission activity of planting churches!Here are just a few suggestions as to how you can begin preparing to participate in that great endeavor.
1) Pray for Christ to build His church, and for the ministry of California Church Extension.
2) Arrange for a CCE representative to come and visit your church to present the ministry of CCE and the opportunities that exist for you to participate.

3) Communicate with CCE information regarding any California communities you are aware of that are in need of the ministry of an IFCA International church plant.
4) Recommend a possible planter who could be part of a team (mature, trained, evangelistic).

5) Establish a fund for use in helping to support a church plant.
6) Be available to support and/or mentor a team of planters.
Let's think outside of the box from a single church planter or a single church to a team of churches working together.
That's Teamwork!