Philosophy of Ministry

The glorious task of spreading the Gospel has been the task of the church since Pentecost! We have known the glorious hand of God in His work of building the church through local assemblies spreading throughout the world. Here in Northern California, the Lord has done good things among the cooperative efforts between IFCA International church the permeation of every identifiable California community with the hope of the gospel through the biblical ministry of a reproductive IFCA International through the ministry of what has been known as the Bible Church Crusade of Northern California. For years, the BCC has sought to recruit men, locate likely places for a church plant, and marry the two. It has supported local IFCA and like-minded churches in their efforts to extend their ministries into church planting. It has been a blessing.
However, as times change, terms lose their connotations and begin to convey things that are not consistent with the original purpose. In an era when Islam is gaining tremendous expansion, the term “crusade” conveys memories of the hatred and murder associated with the crusades in the middle ages. We know what we mean, but the world around us can have reactions beyond our control. Thus, we have changed the name of the Bible Church Crusade of Northern California to California Church Extension. CCE has the same board as the former BCC, but with a renewed vision, revitalized commitment, and determined objectives to see churches planted through the cooperative efforts of IFCA International churches in Northern California. Pray for us.